Non-Ad Valorem



MSBU’s are Municipal Service Benefit Units and are also known as “special assessments.” They are a method by which the Board of County Commissioners can pay for certain specific projects by apportioning the costs to the property owners in a community or neighborhood that benefits from the projects. In Putnam County our County Commissioners have authorized 28 separate MSBU projects for road maintenance or road paving.

Solid Waste

The Putnam County Board of County Commissioners have also enacted a solid waste special assessment fee that applies to all residential units in Putnam County. It is levied upon residents in the unincorporated area of the County as well as residents of Interlachen, Pomona Park, and Welaka. This figure is divided between landfill improvements, garbage collection and recycling. Residents of Crescent City and Palatka only pay the landfill and recycling charges.
MSBU and special assessments are placed on your tax bill by the Tax Collector’s Office through an agreement with the County Commissioners. The Property Appraiser’s Office does not administer these charges and questions should be directed to the Board Office at (386) 329-0205.